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Created by Admin in Articles 29 Nov 2022

Online shopping has made our life so much easier, especially for housewives. Homemakers do not have much time on their hands. They have to do everything ranging from cleaning, washing dishes to cooking and taking care of children. They barely have time for themselves. Whenever they want to go out and shop for themselves, it takes time away from their daily hectic routine. Well, thanks to technology. Shopping has been made so much easier. Now, buying clothes and other items is just a click away!

However, there is so much variety in online shopping that we may seem lost. Everything is available in women's clothing, from ethnic wear to party dresses. We start to get indecisive on what to buy and eventually end up giving up. Sometimes, we might not even like the particular piece afterit is delivered to us. We order too many things at once and end up liking none. This should not be the case. Shopping online is very fun!  It also saves time and is efficient. On the contrary, we face these major challenges as well which ruins our whole experience. But do not worry at all. We ot you! All you need is a little bit of guidance. So, here we present to you the TOP 10  TIPS FOR ONLINE SHOPPING  FOR INDIAN HOUSEWIVES -

(1) BUDGETING- The very first thing you need to do is know how much you are going to spend. If you keep browsing and scrolling without having a clear budget in your mind, you will lose track. For some small items, use this rule - If I can't afford this item twice, I can not afford it at all. Ask yourself "Is this worth it". If your answer is yes, then add it to the cart!  If not, you might want to reconsider your decision.

2. GO INTO DETAIL - when we shop online, we like what we see in pictures. They will ultimately lead us to our final decision. However, we only look at the big image. What we need to do is focus on small details. Assess each part of the item look-wise. We do not want to regret buying that dress! Zoom in and look at the item carefully. See if you are missing something. Some outfits might look decent in pictures but may not fit your style or aesthetic. Image yourself wearing that outfit. Buy it only if you feel it will look good on YOU.

3. FASHION INSPIRATION - If you are shopping for clothes, Know what you are looking for. Look for inspirations, have some references. It may be an online platform like Instagram and Pinterest or your favourite celebrity's wardrobe. Create a separate folder on your phone specifically dedicated to fashion. Keep adding screenshots and saving images so you do not have a problem searching for stuff. This will help you get the trendiest wardrobe and you will be at the top of your game!

4. A GOOD RETURN POLICY - As much as you like the item, be sure to check that it has a good return policy. If you do not like the item after the package has been delivered to you, you can always return it. A 30-day return policy is the best. Just do not take off the tag immediately after you get the package. Try it on with the tag. If it does not suit you, pack it securely and return it, then you can either get a refund or buy something else in that price range.

5. RATINGS - Try to avoid buying a product that is rated less than 4. These ratings are the ultimate reflection of how much the item was liked by people. For specifications, you can also read customer reviews. People will write what they liked and did not like in that product. You can make your decision accordingly. Sometimes the picture of the item looks different than reality. There is a lot of different lighting used to click the pictures and sometimes even the shade of the color might be different. A customer will click a picture and show you exactly how it looks like.

6. SPECIFICATIONS - Be sure to check all specifications before you add them to the cart. Product details are mentioned along with the product. Every information is available. The site will tell you the size, colour, pattern, measurements etc.  This makes it as good as shopping physically.

7. KNOW YOUR SIZE- sometimes it get difficult to shop online you do not know your size. Keep in mind that every brand has it's own size measurements. You may be a size small in one brand and a size medium in a different one. Therefore, you need to choose the right size. For this you need to know your standard measurement.

for example - know your shoe size in any global size. It can be Indian size, Europe and US size.

8. USE FILTERS -  Filters make online shopping so easy! You can get exactly what you are looking for with accurate details. For example - you can filter by price, size, age etc. Now you do not have to keep scrolling and mindlessly searching for item which will take you hours to find. You can now simply filter by your choice and what suits your choice the most is displayed at the very top. This reduces so much effort and saves time!

9. PREPARE LIST - If you have already shopped online before, you know the experience. You might remember some brands which had great products and which did not. Prepare a list of brands you liked and disliked. Next time when you shop, you will be aware exactly where to shop from. This will make purchases a lot easier. Now there is no hassle in finding good brands!

10. ADJUSTABLE FABRICS - Imagine that you like a dress you found online. You order it and turns out that it does not fit you properly. You do not have to return this dress. You can get it fixed from the tailor. You will have your beautiful dress, with the right measurements! However, for this we need to buy fabrics that came be easily tailored or altered otherwise, the whole outfit will be ruined and you would not be able to return it as well.

BONUS TIP - Start looking for fashion advise! There are a lot of tutorials and videos that you can watch to improve your sense of style. There is no point in shopping for outfits which are not going to look good on you. See which colours combinations look good together, which purse goes with your outfit, what kind of shoes to wear. Blend outfits, mismatch and create your unique style while taking inspiration. You look amazing!

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