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The New Me - Personality Development for Housewives

Created by Admin in Articles 25 Nov 2022

Homemaking is not about ‘doing it all’, it is about creating an environment where the family feels fed, warm and happy, and every woman puts in a lot of effort to make that kind of a home, and yet, are often looked down on and not given enough respect. One very prominent reason to this is limited social skills. As for the women who stay at home, it is hard to seek the correct kind of exposure to the business and social world and even more, deal with it. This usually results in a lack of self-confidence and dependency. Even if they desire a job, they feel like they are not very well versed and do not have enough qualifications to be considered for the job. This has been an exceptionally large problem in the society for an exceptionally long time, and now, it is about time that this shell is broken, and the wings of possibilities are prepared to make a life-changing flight.

Now, let us answer a very important question - What are the challenges faced by housewives? -

(1) Lack of confidence because of less exposure to the outside world

  • Since housewives do not work outside their home,  they do not have the right amount of exposure in the world

    • Lack of confidence as they don’t know how to function or interact outside the comfort of their own house

    • Lack of self worth and thinking that they are less than the bread earner in the family

    • They become reluctant in sharing their thoughts and expressions

(2) Difficulty in interacting in large social gatherings

Housewives are also not very well articulate English because most of the times they never had the opportunity to learn the language properly. Due to this, they are shy and are not able to interact well in social gatherings efficiently. They talk less which doesn’t help in improving their self confidence

(3) Facing problem in talking to their kid’s teachers

Not being fluent in English, results in difficulty in talking in a formal setting. There is difficulty in talking to their kid’s class teacher in a parent teacher meeting. Even in interviews, interacting in English becomes difficult. A kid picks whatever is taught at home and if English not spoken at home, it becomes difficult for the child to learn the language.

What is ‘The New Me’ all about?

New me’ is an amazing programme that will help you overcome these challenges. New you offers interactive sessions to improve your spoken English skills and personality development. It is a great opportunity to explore yourselves through this programme. We have expert trainers who will help you to speak in English more confidently. The classes are interactive and fun!

What are the benefits you will get when you take this course?

This entire course is designed after doing lot of research and conducting survey to know what the aspirations of women in today’s time are. Communication plays a vital role in developing confidence. For that, a woman needs to get transformed into a better version of herself. This course will make them part of a community which will work as a support system and empower them holistically.

Look and see what you will achieve at the end of this course:

  • Expanding your ‘comfort zone’:

We all have a comfort zone, a zone that includes a group of people with whom we feel comfortable with. This zone expands when we come out of our comfort zone and meet new and positive people, or it may shrink if we are hesitant. Expanding the zone gives us empowerment.

  • Clarity in your thoughts and actions:

After completing this course your weaknesses will become your strengths. With more strengths you get clarity in your thoughts. Thus, helping you with better decision making

  • Confident you:

This platform will help you getting exposure of speaking your mind without being judged. We work on building right attitude hence you will pave your own path with confidence

  • A positive and self-motivated personality:

Who says we need someone to be motivated? Our sessions, once taken will make you a self-motivator thus you will always be in a positive state of mind

  • You would be speaking English fluently:

When you share your own experiences in a fun way, you would be amazed to feel that the learning too has happened. Working on your basic grammar skills to reading and speaking skills, we will take care of all

  • Dine out in a classier way:

We often find ordering and eating in a restaurant with right cutlery a burdensome task. How about learning to dine in, from professionals?

  • Enhance your business and get more clients:

Weather a homemaker or an entrepreneur, usage of various social media platforms is something we always want to learn

  • Understanding dressing sense and self-grooming to the next level:

We dress to impress others, lets get dressed to impress ourselves first. You will get the awareness of various attires and their significance in every occasion. Learn to carry yourself with confidence is what you will get after completion of this course

What is special about this course?

Experience the fun of theme parties, debates, and group discussions, getting enriched vocabulary, masti with new community members in the form of various activities. All these under one roof “Skill Ninja Academy”.

Are you ready to transform your personality?

 We are Skill Ninja. A young, modern and forward looking organization. We are on a mission — to be this nimble organization that helps upskill people who need it the most. Especially the women of India, who still do not have access to quality education and opportunities to nurture their skills. We want to empower them to be able to be independent and self-reliant. Click here to know more about our Personality Enhancement Course

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