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Empowering Women of India.

We believe that women should have better opportunities to learn and contribute to the Indian Economy. At Skill Ninja, our core mission is to empower the women of India by providing the necessary skills to be self-sufficient and self-reliant.


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Nisha Diwan

Nisha Diwan


Being a part of skill Ninja academy makes me feel so blessed because It has changed me a lot. Honestly I had the best experience of learning English with such amazing and inspiring teachers. The skill Ninja family motivated me as a family,friend and gardian. Thank you so much for being a motivater,a friend,a gardian and family...♥️

Richa Biswas

Richa Biswas

Public Servant

Learning English with Skill Ninja was a remarkable experience for me. In the past I learned English in different schools, but that didn't help me to improve my English speaking skills. But after joining Skill Ninja Academy and learning English with them. I can see a huge improvement in my English speaking skills and now I feel really confident whenever I talk in English with someone.

Akansha Bedi

Akansha Bedi

Software Developer

This is to show appreciation to skill ninja academy who provide online tutelage for the housewives who can get a really well spoken , personality development and confidence with English. Here our mentors are so cooperative and with different activities they provide exposure to us. This is a great need in today’s era for such online platform which are truly helpful from the comfort of your home.

Kirti Dey

Kirti Dey

Office attendant

My Experience with Skill Ninja Academy is amazing. I am Learning so many things from this academy. My mentor is very helpful . She always encourages me come to speak  and also supports me. And  Many more things To be  learn from Skill Ninja Academy.

Karandeep Kaur

Karandeep Kaur

School Teacher

When I was researching online for training classes to improve my English speaking skills, came across skill ninja which is great place gives well planned and organized training day to day by highly qualified trainers which will help us get great results and we will be more confident then ever in life. My assigned trainer was Monica ma'am. She was a wonderful person and a trainer with great skill in the English language.


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